Thomas60 is a english player who belonged to 1st generation of the CTR World. He initated into the CTR World along with stelzig from Cyberscore.

Later stelzig and him would join CTR Network forum where they knew another pro players at their level forming the first generation of CTR players.

CTR NetworkEdit

While Thomas was in CTR Network, he had competition with

stelzig, ctrrecordholder and sometimes with crashteamfaking.

This was when he improved his Hot Air Skyway techniques.

Later on, he was able to compete against Sayenjin, Arsene_Lupin and even Kang.

Neoseeker forumEdit

Tom then went to Neoseeker CTR forum as there was plenty of active players there. He was there more to teach the others than compete.


Not just in cyberscore, Thomas60 was also an active poster on ctr4ever forum but it was there when he continued the competition he had in CTR Network as this last one got crashed and all their important members moved to ctr4ever forum. There he would had important duels against another top players of the epoque such as theTJK, ErManu85, an skillfull crashteamfaking and the most important: his rival SkanDu.

Second generation arrivingEdit

It was still the year 2006 when some players started to climb position on the rankings. And then new members were posting in the ctr4ever forum. New players as lepetitkeltois, pardiez, vive-crash, David, KingCTR, joora, sambennettctr, penta02, delzlegek, etc appeared, many of them contacted with Thomas60 to ask him for advices and techniques to improve their times. Thomas had many apprentices.