The Second Generation is also called 2nd Generation or 2nd Gen (just like 1st and the others generations) was the second group of CTR players that appeared into the CTR World. They meet instantanely to 1st generation.

Second generation most important members were: KingCTR/LinkZer, David, lepetitkeltois, vive-crash, joora, sambennettctr, pardiez, crash68 and RamsesxD

Unlike 1st gen, 2nd generation have not a certain event wich determines when it started. But since most of the important members are half french and half peruvians, some people may say it started when joora, vive-crash, lepetitkeltois and crash68 meet at all-crash forum or, by the other hand, when when KingCTR, David, pardiez and RamsesxD meet at CTRGamers forum. Indeed second generation is a meeting between two CTR communities (french and peruvian) plus some another separated players. Then, as a whole group they meet 1st generation in ctr4ever forum.

Entering the CTR WorldEdit

After all discussions, it can be considered the beginning of 2nd generation when they came in ctr4ever forumer, because they certainly did it almost together. They were helped quickly by 1st generation players. The relationship between 1st generation and 2nd gen was good. Second generation improvement was faster compared with 1st gen but slow compared with 3rd gen. Second gen learned all it can learn from 1st generation before this last one quit the CTR world. Although 2nd gen had good relations with 1st gen, it was more a respecful relation. By the other hand, relationship between 2nd gen and 3rd gen was more closely to a friendship.


While Gen Zero and 1st Generation stated the base pillars for the CTR World, Second Generation expanded it and stayed to lead it. 2nd gen amplified and improved the knowledge it got from 1st gen. Although they weren't viewed by 3rd gen as real teachers, they in fact taugh more a lot than 1st generation, producing more videos, talking more about techs. And all this knowledge became rich when they meet in 3rd generation a hard competence. Second gen also was the regulator for the other generations coming. Since there were no longer Arsene, 2nd gen players like pardiez, joora, LinkZer, aminne_zennouhi took his place taking care for the rules to not be broken.


At first instance there were any hierarchies between themselves. 2nd gen respected 1st gen as teachers. Then sambennettctr would improve faster gaining popularity and better respect. Another players as lepetitkeltois, pardiez and vive-crash would be more respected and influential, representing thier generation facing 1st gen. But later, starting by being the admin of his own forum, LinkZer would gain respect from the rest players of his generation not because his times but because his ideas and will to improve the CTR World. Then he would be the leader of his generation and the next ones which came, becoming the leader of the CTR World untill his retirement.