Fake Crash (from Crash Nitro Kart) was the image which the fakerbusters videos start.

Faker busters, CTR faker busters or simply busters were a group of people and players that had as main goal to bring to light all fakers of the CTR World. But in fact they only appeared to annoy players who weren't fake. They were only there just to make the fool with another players.


CTRFakerProofs was an account to youtube who uploaded a video blaming and accusing to be faker to the finnish player pazezo. The description of the video and the info on the channel promised to bring to the CTR World a 'new system' to spot  fakers.

Many people were intrigued about the video and the person behind the account, and also were waiting for reliable info about this new system.

But not everybody took it seriously. Many others knew pazezo was a reliable player and thought CTRFakerProof was just trolling.

Spreading the goalEdit

Inmediately after CTRFakerProofs appearing, many others fakerbusters account were created.

CTReporter, TheDoomCTR, CTRWorldMagazine and others started to create such a sub-world inside CTR World. They commented on others fakerbusters channels, subscribed each to the other and uploaded the same video about the no yet released 'new system' to take fakers down.