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ctr4ever is a website created originally by the french CTR player Arsene_Lupin in 2004.

The site is dedicated to collect times done in Time Trial mode of CTR players all around the world, players need to register in the site in order to submit their times. Once submited a time, that time automatically enters to the charts ranking, once submitted all the 36 times (18 courses and 18 laps) players automatically enters to the general rankings.

Arsene made a well calculated ctr4ever system ranking, according to the maximum skills a player could reach those times.

Site consisted of a simple design with menus at the left. From top to bottom it had Site menu: Home, About CTR, Forum and Proof System. Players menu: Register, Submit Times, Players List and Matchups. Tracks menu: Charts, Site Records and Standards. Rankings menu: Average Finish, Average Rank, SR:PR and Total Times. Improving menu: Driving Guide, Shortcuts, Strategies and Videos. Other Cool Sites menu: CTR Network and MKDD players site.

Its important to point that ctr4ever had changed its URL, being originally till 200? when joora moved the site to


ctr4ever's system was, at the time it was created, a very accurate system. Is it true that Arsene based (almost copied) the system of the counterpart site Mario Kart Double Dash. But the standards and barriers were very accurated.

Is important to remark that Arsene was also helped by Kang and Sayenjin in the making of the site, barriers and standards.

Tracks and RankingsEdit

The most important menus of the site for the current players are the Track menu and Rankings menu.

In the Track menu we have the Charts: It is the ranking for every single individual time, it works directly with SR:PR ranking and with Site Records in a minor way.

Site Records: Here we have the best times of each category (course and lap) of all tracks making a total of the best 36 times of the site. In the early ctr4ever, it was half wrong to call World Records to the Site Records. Nowadays its 99% sure to call them that way, giving the 1% to the appearance of a 'shadow player'.

Matchups: Maybe the most attractive implement of the site, along with the standards. It allows to a player, measure himself with another player comparing the times of both players face to face and giving 3 final results: Course leader, lap leader and Total leader.

In the Rankings menu we have the Average Finish ranking...