Crashteamalphing a.k.a. alpha-plus, alpha is a swiss CTR player of the fourth generation. He is not only know because his great skills at CTR, but also for being the leader of the ctr world from 2015-2019.

His beginnings in the CTR worldEdit

According to crashteamalphing he starting his ctr career on 2008. He joined ctr4ever as alpha-plus and belonged to the 4th generation. As a player he always had a good improvement and showed his fast learning to everyone else.

CTR achievements Edit

crashteamalphing became GOD in september 2009. He made his first WR in Roo's Tubes in December 2010, with a 1'10"11. He reached top 10 in Average Finish for the first time in 2011, the same year he also reached top 3. In 2012, he reached the second position, behind crash68. He became n°1 in all rankings in summer 2013, and stayed there for a few months. Since 2013, he has always stayed in the top 3, and has occasionally stayed at the top of some rankings such as Total Times Combined and SR:PR.

Leadership Edit

crashteamalphing took charge of registering new players in ctr4ever in 2015. He also took care of the site moderation and the administration of the facebook page. That same year, he created the online CTR competition called CTR Showdown!, which was quite successful although it ended without a winner due to some players cheating. In 2017, he started working on improvements to ctr4ever, such as new rankings, new standards, new categories and a new proof system. He also created a driving guide, a dataset of all WRs since 2001 and created and headed the Discord server that a lot of players use to discuss their records. His work with the site was achieved in early 2019, at the same time he resigned as administrator.