CTR Network's forum was the place where first generation players got together along with gen zero players, making the forum the first 'professional CTR forum' ever.

As stelzig stated, first generation players got together from different communities, Gast on his own site, ctrrecordholder from Neoseeker, stelzig and Thomas60 from Cyberscore, crashteamfaking came later, then SkanDu, ErManu85 and LinkinSauron from Spain playing together in real life. They realized they were using the same characters and way of playing without knowing each others. Then came players from gen zero.

CTR Network forum allowed these great players from different sites, get together and share techniques, skills, videos and knowledge about CTR. Then, learn the best techniques from the legendary players Arsene_Lupin and Kang from jeuxvideo forum.

Lots of posts, info and miscellanea threads were posted in this forum. The site was full of CTR history. Unluckly the forum and the site itself got constantly MySQL errors at 2006 and then later it got practically dead. Nowadays is it possible to see the homepage and the index of the forum but impossible get into the threads. The lastest posts were made by KingCTR, most of them replying to ctrrecordholder's random threads.