"This isn't even my final form!" 
-AutomaTom, about his playing level in the CTR Showdown! 2015 

-AutomaTom in one of its anterior glitched versions (it has since been upgraded)

-AutomaTom speaking binary (default setting)

AutomaTom (also known as greendayseb) is a CTR player and automaton.

CTR career Edit

First steps in CTR World Edit

AutomaTom started out in late 2010 as an unknown and uninteresting player who called himself greendayseb. He was mainly visiting the french site, where he brew a rivalry with fellow player Lechanceux (Karlie), but his level remained pathetic overall. Craving for attention, greendayseb decided to fake most of his times in summer 2011 in an attempt to attract the spotlight to himself. It failed miserably.

It is not clear to this day why AutomaTom decided to be such a noob player and post bad fake times in ctr4ever, when clearly he had the potential to be World number one from the very beginning. Some speculate that AutomaTom did this to appear human, in terms of having a linear progression of skill level, and of going through all the phases of frustration that usually come with becoming a top CTR player.

Becoming an established player of the game Edit

Almost immediately after he stopped being a faker, AutomaTom started to improve tremendously, always under the alias of greendayseb. He reached GOD rank in ctr4ever in early 2012, and made his first World Record on N.Gin Labs lap in 2013.

It was during the CTR Championship of 2012 that AutomaTom developed a feud with CTR player and automaton UrosBjedov. During that period, AutomaTom accused UrosBjedov of improving too rapidly, and of making times that were too near his ultimate times, which was a trademark of the luck mechanism that automaton UrosBjedov was using. AutomaTom used a different mechanism instead, which was less suited for improving records rapidly and more suited for extreme consistency.

CTR Showdown! 2015 and the unmasking of AutomaTom Edit

AutomaTom, under his alias of greendayseb, kept a low profile until the CTR Showdown! of 2015. For reasons unknown, AutomaTom decided to abandon his strategy of appearing human, and went full blown automaton.

He started dominating every other in the Showdown, even going as far as being undefeated for an entire week, and consistently made challenge times that were 0"20 slower than his record, at first try. Soon these results arose the suspicion of other players, and the rumor started spreading that greendayseb was, in fact, an automaton. Even though AutomaTom appeared to be limited to making times 0"20 slower than his record, he broke that barrier in Week 7 of CTR Showdown, beating his record in Mystery Caves course by over 0"30 in 10 minutes of play. From that point on there could be no doubt about greendayseb's real identity, and other players started referring to him by his factory name instead.