Julien Boisiaud (31) better known as Arsène_Lupin in the CTR world was the first responsible of the professionalization of the game Crash Team Racing. Belongs to generation zero, one of the three legendary players, the father of all CTR players, and many adjetives describes him insed the CTR community.

His background biography is mostly unknown. Sometimes it is told that he started to play CTR when the game came out in 1999 or a bit later in 2000. This info needs to be reviewed.

However, Arsene started to play CTR along with his friends, but then he and another friends like Kang and Sayenjin went into a competitive way of gameplay.

The three friends, started to analyze basic things of the game on a technical way, realizing some things can be triggered doing a certain move, etc. All in porpuse to get more speed and better times.

Introduction to the WebEdit

It is know that Arsene used to play with Sayenjin together. But he knew Kang on jeuxvideo forums. As him, Kang used to post on that forum talking about CTR, their times and stuff. Eventually they'll meet each other.

Once together they get into competition to achieve the best times, and when they discovered the basic techniques of the game, they started to improve very fast. Later they would post a draft guide about the techniques they discovered and named.

The first CTR professional guide was post by Kang. Then Arsene would improve it to post it on CTR Network forum.

ctr4ever and CTR NetworkEdit

It is unknown the time when Arsene started to work on ctr4ever. It was between 2002 and 2004 when he had finished almost all the important things of the site. But its know he got inspiration from another ranking site called about Mario Kart Double Dash because he used to play that game too.

It was good for Arsene to be a member in CTR Network forum because he can compete not only against Kang and Sayenjin but also against Thomas60, stelzig, crashteamfaking, etc and they would tell him about new shortcuts, techniques and discoveries that can sub their times more. Thanks to this Arsene could calibrate the famous Standards to make them as accurate as possible.